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Unisex T-Shirt Raven & Eagle Motif


Raven & Eagle Motif. Motif dimensions 11 x 17"

Seven Color Variations:

  • Royal on Red
  • Burgundy on Heather Green
  • Metallic Blue on Tar
  • Royal Blue on Heather grey-Blue
  • Royal on Heather Purple
  • Blue on Turquoise 
  • Light Blue GLOW in the Dark on Mint

In Haida culture you are born into one of two Clans, Raven or Eagle. Haida are matrilineal, inheriting your clan from your mothers lineage. Jesse & Erin are of the Eagle clan from their matrilineal line. 

kustaayak = Eagle Clan (Haida)

kaay xil = Raven Clan (Haida)