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If you are interested in a custom piece carved by Jesse Brillon, please consider the following:

  • Haida artists generally carve Northwest Coast animals such as:
      • Eagle
      • Raven
      • Killerwhale
      • Shark/Dogfish
      • Hummingbird
      • Wolf/Wasco
      • Bear
      • Beaver
      • Hummingbird
      • Watchmen
      • Killerwhale
      • Salmon
      • Frog
      • Butterfly
      • Sun
      • Moon
  • Requests for animals outside our NWC crests will most likely not be chosen.
    • If you have a very specific vision for your custom piece, this does not allow the artist much room for their own creative vision-- sometimes we can work with clients ideas --other times not. 
    • A deposit of 50% will be collected when Jesse is ready to start the piece.
    • From the time the deposit is received, the piece will be complete within an 8 week time frame.
    • Upon completion and prior to shipping, the final balance will be due.
    • Before we can give a price estimate for jewelry we need to know what you want as well as your budget. Pricing depends on the types of techniques:  
      • The least expensive option is an engraved piece.
      • The mid range is engraved with moderate chasing (pounding back of the metal).
      • The high price range is for pieces that are engraved, chased and repoussed (full sculpting of the metal by pushing it forward). 
      • The highest price point is for all of the previous techniques, including inlay of abalone shell.
    • Jesse most often accepts custom orders for cedar panels, bracelets, & pendants. Not often for earrings and rings and pieces with abalone inlay.

    Please send through your request and we can follow up with you ASAP.


    Erin Brillon

    Totem Design House

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    Yes Please!

    Yes Please!

    Looks Like You're In Canada . Go to Canadian store? ? Yes please. or No thanks.