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About Us

 A bold re-imagining of the traditional animal crests of the Northwest Coast Peoples.

Totem Design House is a family collaboration between brother and sister team Jesse & Erin Brillon. The Brillons are of Haida and Cree ancestry and have grown up in deep appreciation of their rich cultural heritage. Raised on the Northwest Coast of BC to a commercial fishing family, the two were raised on the Pacific Ocean. Being grounded in nature and in their culture, the two have been inspired and influenced by the art of their people. Jesse, having been taught by the great carvers such as Bill Reid and Don Yeomans in his teen years, has been carving museum quality jewelry for the last 20 years. Jesse provides the bold Haida motif while Erin, develops the design and color combinations to enhance the striking Haida totem animal designs in fresh new ways. 

Totem Design House donates 5% of profits to Indigenous Youth Empowerment Projects involving art, music, sport, culture, healing, education, and environmental activism. Because both Jesse and Erin grew up with opportunities to grow and challenge themselves, they wish to provide more youth the similar opportunities. Erin has been working hands on with Aboriginal youth and families for nearly a decade and it continues to be her primary passion.

All of Totem Design House motif is printed by hand by
Erin and her daughter Marlo at Wachiay Studio on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Marlo, Erin & Jesse


Check out our websites to see more of the work we do:

www.erinbrillon.com & www.jessebrillon.com

Facebook & Instagram: Totem Design House